The BEST TEFL to teach English in Vietnam

Best TEFL to teach in Vietnam

What’s the best TEFL to teach English in Vietnam, taking into account that this country asks for a legalization that is not required in other countries? That’s the main question that you should have in mind before starting any course, besides the methodology, price and duration.

First of all, remember that if you want to work this way in that country of South East Asia, attracted by the salaries and cost of life, you will definitely need a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification to legally work there, if you haven’t studied anything related to education or you are a non native speaker. BUT VIETNAM legislation is different from other countries: you can’t present any TEFL certification.

Vietnam, out of the Hague Convention

The country is not part of the Hague Convention. Why should this determine your decision when choosing a TEFL course? Because it means they don’t recognize the apostilles (the procedure to make documents valid in any of the parties of the Hague Convention).

So how do they certify that a document is original or real? Well, they have their own way. It’s called «legalization». The procedure is not very clear and it may change with the time, but the conclusion is that if you don’t choose properly your TEFL course (and you pick the cheapest one, for example), you may spend more money achieving the so-called legalization than the price of the training itself.

The way my friend legalized it

I did an ultra cheap TEFL certification, following the advice of a friend that had tried it (of course, before knowing all the problems he had to «legalize» it). Even if I liked what I learned, when I gave this document to my (awful) employers, they told me it couldn’t be valid if I didn’t make it «visible» for Migration authorities.

So I asked my friend how he legalized it. He told me he had the same problem: the course was from a UK-based company. So, he went to this Embassy in Hanoi to ask for information. First of all, they didn’t have the company officially registered. And second, they asked him to go to London and legalize it there (stupid).

Not realistic at all: we, as Colombians, need a visa to go there, and then there was the price of the flight ticket, the cost of life, and the time that it would take to go there.

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So after the «solution», his company suggested to notarize a letter written by him, saying that the certification was real. He did so, and he could get the Working Permit.

BUT in my case… this solution was NOT ACCEPTED. I wasted money doing the notarization in my Embassy, and after two weeks, my employer told me the letter was rejected by the migration authorities as a valid legalization.

Doing «magic» with the legalization

My friend’s girlfriend couldn’t do the legalization this way either, and she had to pay more than 200 USD to a British lawyer to do the legalization in the UK. Obviously, I wouldn’t do that. This option, added to the price of the course that I had already paid, costed more than if I had paid a TEFL course with a bigger and more respected company. What a mistake!

I told my employers that I could not legalize the TEFL certification, and asked them to give me a solution, maybe after consulting their lawyers whatsoever. They told me that I had to pay 50 USD more to finally achieve the legalization. They never explained how they made it, but after learning a bit more about their mafia-style working culture, I can imagine how they did it (maybe they bribed the public employee but of course, I can’t state that for sure).

In conclusion: it’s not worth it to save some dollars in the course, if you have to get through this soap opera to make it valid in Vietnam!!!!

The best TEFL to teach in Vietnam

After my not so pleasant experience, and the questions from the readers of this website, I decided to look for a good company to recommend. Credible, with a name in the industry, but overall, whose certification could be easily legalized in Vietnam.

I had something clear: It could not be a school based in the UK. Its headquarters had to be somewhere else. I texted then some companies, focusing on this detail. Only ITTT gave me a proper answer.

Options to legalize ITTT TEFL certificate in Vietnam

  • «A stamp from the Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Agency (OTTSA). OTTSA moderate and validate our courses and your certificate can be stamped to validate it for a small additional fee of US$25 (2018 price)».
  • «Secondly, we can take your certificate to a Notary Public in Thailand, where the certificates are printed. They will make a copy of the certificate and stamp and sign the copy as a true representation of the original document. The cost of this is US$45 (2018 price)».

Therefore, because of that answer, I decided to affiliate with this company. So, if interested, don’t hesitate to get 15% discount with this link, when taking a TEFL course with them.

LAST SUGGESTION: When I worked in Vietnam, I was asked for, at least, an online 120 hours TEFL certification. But it can change, depending on the company that hires you. So better asking before: Do you accept online TEFL certifications? If not, which kind of TEFL certification do I need to start working with you?

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Voilà !!!! I hope this helps, have a safe stay in Vietnam! 😀

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